Başak Derya Keçeci

Başak Derya Keçeci was born in Istanbul. She graduated from Anatolian Health Vocational High School at the Nursing Department. During her five-year career as a post-operative nurse, she looked after patients who had undergone plastic and reconstructive surgery operations. In 2020 Başak Derya obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Maltepe University. Since childhood she has been interested in music. She likes to sing and play on guitar. In the Dr. Emrah Aslan’s clinic, Başak Derya works as his assistant.

Hilal Kayyum

Hilal Kayyum was born in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul University at the Florance Nightingale Nursing Faculty. She has 30 years of nursing experience as an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. Hilal likes flowers, animals, traveling and listen to music. She is a mother of two children. In the Dr. Emrah Aslan’s clinic she works as a Nursing Services Supervisor.

Defne Şener

She was born and raised in Istanbul. After graduating from Italian High School she went to study in Italy. She graduated in Arts and Music from Bologna University, came back to Istanbul and worked for a while in the field of arts and entertainment. Then she got her masters degree in Management of Arts in Milan and worked in Parma as an international relations assistant. She started working in the health sector after moving back to Turkey. Since then she has been combining her passion in arts and aesthetics with her experience in communication and international relations. She currently is working in Artea Clinic as International Patient Relations Coordinator.

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